Parent-Child Storytelling Contest    親子講故事比賽    2021

Epidemic Prevention Tips    防疫貼士

Cheer up Station   (幸福家油站)

Parenting Wiki - Health and Personal Hygiene 

親子小百科 - 衛生篇


Coronavirus Parent Tips.pdf

Storybook - Why can't I go out   防疫繪本- 為什麼不能出門

Storybook - Dr Dumo et al   抗疫小夥伴繪本

Online Learning    網上學習

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There are a variety of songs, stories, videos and games about English vocabularies, grammar and spelling, etc., suitable for kindergarten and primary school students. After watching the story videos, you could print out and work on the worksheets related to the stories to make the learning more comprehensive.

Redd_youtube Hong Kong Ocean Park (香港海洋公園)

Cognitive, mathematics and English worksheets for kindergarten level.